Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Monkey Business!

I could not resist these cute bags I found on Etsy - I've already tucked sock yarn inside those cute things! The shop's name is stuckinillinois and these bags were a serious bargain at $10/each!

Football Update:
Wow, Puck's team was dealt their first defeat last night and it was painful in so many ways. They started out playing tough, but the other team was physically MUCH bigger than our boys. Our biggest player started out the game pulling a muscle in his back. One kid out. The coach's kid took a shoe to the mouth and complained that his tooth felt loose, later in the game he wound up in the bottom of a pile and came running out with three teeth pulled out - held in place by his braces. OMG. (His Orthodontist was able to replace them - there was no root damage - UGH!) Finally, our #1 scorer was tackled from both sides, both tacklers were a head taller than he was and put their heads down when they hit him, they broke his arm. I think I'm glad he's decided he doesn't want to play football anymore after this year.

We're off to the cabin this weekend as the pontoon needs to come out of the water. Always so sad. I'll schedule a post or two, but they're never as fun as the live ones, y'know?

Maybe the other team needs to play with the bigger boys. They sounds like they were a little bit too big and rough to be playing against younger players.
OMG those boys sound like horrors. Can't they call a game on account of excessive and unnecessary violence or something?

Please don't forget to post Quidditch before you leave! And if you could schedule it for, say, today or tomorrow, I would really really love that...

- Lava
Football can be brutal.
Have a good trip to the lake - we'll be pulling the pontoon & dock this weekend too which is going to be hard with the rumored forecast.
I like the monkey bag!

My youngest son gave up quarterbacking for his high school team after injuring his eye. It was his decision, and not an easy one. I was so proud of him. There is life after high school football.
Yikes! The other time sounds like they were brutes.

Cute bags. And have fun at the cabin!
That monkey bag is cute!
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