Friday, September 05, 2008


Just look at this pretty new pattern! Is it any wonder that I can't resist casting on new socks. You can join the group here, if you're interested.

Puck's team won their first football game on Wednesday night (20-12) - it was a great game on a beautiful night. He has another game on Saturday afternoon out in Chaska, I hope the weather holds out!

So just how much does it cost coming from the UK??

Way to go Puck!
Oh, it looks great! I might have to actually make this pair.

Congrats, Puck!
Yeah Puck!

Those socks look way too long for my tastes, but the are very pretty. I'll stick to anklets until I can churn more than 1 pair out in a year :)
Go, Puck!

Those socks look fabulous but my word! I haven't knit as many socks as you have this year in my entire knitting days.
I still haven't finished the last cable sock pattern she sent out!
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