Saturday, September 06, 2008

My Pretties, My Pretties!

Here's the Yo Yo Sock String in a very soft pink called Berry Pickin'.

This is my Scout's Swag shipment for this month. Yummy, no? This is the Posa colorway.

This is the Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Sock in the Brightwood colorway. I want to snuggle this skein.

The shopping for #1 and #3 was done at the Loopy Ewe (yay Gift Certificates!). #2 was my sock club shipment. I love back to school shopping!

Funny--in my browser, the top photo looks brown, not pink. But the Scout's Swag looks exactly like mine. Isn't it gorgeous?
Like Amy, that first skein looks brown and beige, not pink.
Nice yarn I love that brown and blue.
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