Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Heavens! This Sock Took Forever!

But, it really is so pretty.

I cast on the second sock, but it's having a little rest in my knitting bag. It is sweater-time!

I'm a few rows away from finishing my little brown cardi, and I cast on Greenjeans!!! (I'd like a metal clasp for the brown cardi - any recommendations for me?) In the meantime, this migraine is eating my brain. I had to cancel some dental work this morning because I knew the first finger in my mouth would trigger some very bad things.

I'm wearing clogs and handknit socks today, it is a chilly one. More 7th grade football tomorrow, I may need some more sweaters soon.

Sorry to hear about the migraine... hopefully you are feeling better now??! I heard a rumor it could be a bit warmer by the weekend - I hope so!
Nice sock. I really like the color, too. Did you know that lots of really smart people get migraines? Okay, I made that up, but it could be true!
Sorry to hear about the migraine too! I hope it's better by now. This change of weather is triggering one for practically everyone. And Kay is totally right.

That sock is adorable! I love the laciness and wooliness of it. Doesn't look torturous at all. :)
OH! It was worth it. The sock is gorgeous!

Can't wait to see that cardi.... and what the heck is Greenjeans?! I'll stay tuned...
I do like that sock!
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