Monday, September 15, 2008

The Devil, You Say!
(Not sure what that means, but I do believe I read it in Jane Austen or Jane Eyre or something similar...)

Dancing with the Devil, (you say!)

I really love this Cascade 220 Tweed it's got those primary colored flecks!

Pattern: Dancing with the Devil from Stringativity (free!) Yarn: Cascade 200 Tweed Color: 7633 Brown Needles: Addi Circs in size 8 Started: March 15, 2008 Completed: September 13, 2008. Note: This is going to be my comfy bed-time cardi this winter.

Embarrassing confession of the day: I really want to rent Baby Mama because I love Tina Fey and Amy Pohler and I could really use some imbecilic humor.

It turned out great!
Love the cardi!
I want to see Baby Mama too, it looks hilarious. Tina & Amy are always so good together.
Rent it. It looks cute.

The Devil you say! It's darling.
It's a beaut!
That's a keeper; you will wear it lots!
Comfortable I should say!
That looks very warm & cushy - perfect for cool nights.
I too love Tina & Amy together...I'm just not sure about that movie.....
I say rent it. I love your sweater it turned out great. Another totally imbecilic movie is Talladega Nights the story of Ricky Bobby. I usually hate his stuff but everytime I see that I laugh.
Very pretty!
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