Sunday, September 07, 2008

Current Item of Torture:

For some reason this sock is torturing me. This 100% wool is sooooo sticky - I love the finished material and I think it will block up beautifully, but this is torturously slow to knit. I am going to have to cast on a sweater when this halfling is finished. (Pattern is Whistle Bait from Terry Ross Designs - it really is gorgeous.)

EPHS won their second football game, we stayed until halftime. Seriously cold last night people. Final score was 45-0, EP v. Chaska. Now the Puck has to go out to Chaska today and play one of the 7th grade teams. It's not gonna be pretty, peeps.

Remember I was chatting away about Cosmic Fibers' Etsy store last week? Well, here is the net result of what dharmafey threw together for me!

A little note of explanation - she does "theme" yarns. I have a skein of Dexter yarn that I may never knit up I love it so much. I saw on her Etsy site that she had dyed some skeins themed with the Moonlight television show (sadly, now canceled).

This is Vamped - it's an icy color reminiscent of the color the vamps' eyes turned when they got "hungry".

This is Moonlight - a direct lift from the opening credits - this will be a lovely "manly" pair of socks.

Lastly, we have Mick, who grew on me as I watched all the shows, (I wasn't so sure at the beginning.)

So, I do believe the budget is shot for now, but I have some sock projects that I am looking forward to - not to mention Greenjeans!

Brrrr - I wouldn't want to be out watching football in this weather!

Wow, you bought some GORGEOUS yarns.
Very interesting bowl, too.
I have no doubt that we'll be seeing yesterdays yarn & today's yarns knit up fairly quickly - it is CHILLY!
I love Dexter....

Oh, and I just awarded you with an Arte Y Pico award!
Pretty yarns!
No wonder you need all those warm socks! I watched Moonlight, too, and thought it had some good points. What really bugged me was their casting of Mick and Beth (all American types) with Australian and British actors. I was distracted by all that waiting for their accents to drop. Although, I liked the fact that she was a healthy weight kind of girl! So, are you planning to check out Charlaine Harris' "True Blood" on HBO?
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