Thursday, August 14, 2008


Can you believe how this color photographs?

It's actually much more of a scarlet color with fuschia striping. Either way, it is retina scorching, no?

I cast this on back in June, but I tore it out this weekend and started over. I didn't like the leg pattern, I did like the cuff, however. So I kept the cuff and made a stockinette sock. I finished the pair last night - but I'll show you some better pictures later.

Today, we are off to Lake Minnetonka to cruise around on our neighbor's boat. A day off from the school prepping. Tomorrow Puck gets a Physical and then we are on the road to the cabin - ya-hoooo!

OUCH! That hurt! Have a great weekend.
Wow bright! Sounds like some end of the summer fun! Enjoy.
That is RED. It's so hard to photograph red.

By the way, if sock knitting were a running marathon, you'd be finished already, sipping a margarita and I'd be still at the start line tying my shoes.
That's one awesome colorway! I've always loved a good red and pink together : )
I'm scorched. But I like it.
My eyes!
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