Friday, August 15, 2008

The orange, the orange!

The orange just burns into the photo, doesn't it? If you check here, you can see a better photo of the colors.

Pattern: Fawkes by Monkey Toes (PDF off of Ravelry - that's the only place I know you can get it now since Monkey Toes has passed on.) Yarn: Emily Parson's Sophie's Toes Color: Homecoming Dance Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's in size 2 Started: August 6, 2008 Completed: August 10, 2008. Note: This pattern was a pleasure from start to finish - I don't think I made any changes - the colors in this one are actually more of a rich autumn-type feel to it with a tone more towards the brown than the neon.

Poor Puck, he had to go have shots today (that Tetanus is a stinker - his arm is achin' now.) We're off to the cabin in the morning after Football practice. In the meantime, he and I are sneaking off to Osaka for dinner (mmmm cooking at the table - yum!), then it's more Olympics for us!

How's Osaka at the hibachi? We went there once, right after it opened, and ate at the bar--not great. Has it improved?
I see 3 socks...wha? What a WOW color. I like the touch of pink in it.
Wow, I like orange and that's definitely orange.

Cute pattern Fawkes is! A fiery color is perfect for it then, no?

Poor Puck! Hope his arm is back to normal soon. Shots. [shudders]
Bright! Ugh... I think I need a tetanus booster, so I can relate. Poor Puck. Hope you had great weather at the cabin!
Oooh, I had a tetanus this year, too and DAMN it hurt!

Osaka? That sounds like a blast - gonna go check that out.

I am almost starting to think you've got sock knitting elves - that's how fast you are. You go to sleep at night and a sprightly elf shows up and knits your socks. How DO you DO it?

OH, gotta go - more Olympics to watch.
You gotta wear shades for that orange! It also strangely reminds me of my aunts basement circa 1976 :)
I love the color!!! Nice and bright for hunting time,
If those don't keep your feet warm, nothing will!
Excellent socks, dudette!
Those socks are just crying for fall to come!
Wow, great colors. Poor Puck!
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