Monday, August 11, 2008

No Excuses.

No reason I haven't blogged. It's the last week of comparative idleness and Puck is home from camp and the Olympics (OMG Michael Phelps!) are on and we just felt like being Rulers of the Remote Controls! We put up a tent in the yard and Puck and Dad had a campout - with the dogs. We lounged out on the pontoon and practiced cannonballs with the puppy (remind me to take a picture - it's hysterical!) We pulled the tube behind the SeaDoo and shopped at the Farmer's Market for dinner. We are even going to make some homemade pickles! (Any recipes?) HMMM? What's that up there you say? Ummm. New yarn, what about it? So what if I bought an Anniversary Kit from The Loopy Ewe, it was a really good deal!!!! (Umm, there was an Loopy Update about 2 hours ago...., if you care, that is.) That up there is Handmaiden Casbah in the Loopified color. So. Soft. Bye, I'll be makin' pickles tomorrow, but I'll be back here and there to show you the socks I finished last night, and the single sock I finished last week, oh, and the pair I'm going to finish in a day or so. Mwah!!!

I was just wondering if I'd missed a vacation announcement!! :) I can definitely relate to enjoying the occasional computer-free week myself.
Glad you're enjoying the last days of summer!
Who says you have to blog every day? Not I.
Enjoy the idleness - the storm is coming!!
If there is a sock knitting shrine, then you should have some candles lit on it in your honor.

I'm rather fond of that Loopy mug you've got goin' there, too. I like the size!

Leo's home and happy and yup...he remembers us.
I am constantly amazed at how fast you knit socks. I totall agree with the Michael Phelps thing. I got that kit too and I just want to snuggle that yarn it is so soft.
Wonder if I could make a blanket out of that stuff???
You want my Grandma's refrigerator pickles? You make them in a crock and they can just live in the refrig waiting to be eaten. Very similar to bread & Butter pickles.
We haven't made pickles for a couple of years, but when we did, we threw in some green beans. Gotta say, the beans were the most popular part!

Try it, you'll like it!
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