Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight (man, what a name!), in one of the Raven colorways. I took this picture yesterday, but I actually finished this sock this morning. I started this pair too early so it doesn't count toward SOS 08. I cast on the Fawkes pattern this morning, so that one will count.

Puck called from camp tonight (it was his 12th birthday last night!) - he's havin' a grand time. He really just wanted to confirm that Favre had left the GB practice yesterday, he was bummed when I told him it looked like Favre might go to Tampa Bay. Goofball (Puck, that is). I can't wait for my boy to come home, the house is much too quiet with him gone.

You finished a sock in 1 day?

I think it's time the panel of knitters reconvenes to see if maybe you're in need of an intervention.
Gorgeous!! Happy birthday, Puck!
Happy B'Day Puck! And we DON'T think Favre is a goofball!! Quit already - we're bored with you now!
Beautiful colour! And wow, Speedy Sockzales!
Happy Birthday Puck!

Wow. That's awesome. I'm jealous. Fawkes pattern looks good too.
Wow, that's one of the Raven colors? Perhaps the photo is making it look quite light?
I can't believe F is still out there! Talk about staying power.

The sock is very very pretty. I've been tempted to buy one of the Raven yarns. . . hmmmmm.

Happy B Day puckster.

PS. Doggy comes home on Monday!
You're the speediest sock knitter ever - and I'm totally jealous! :)

---and happy belated birthday to Puck!
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