Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Look at all that Green!

It's so soothing and cool! It's Not Red!I am going to finish these two pairs of socks this weekend, but I'm afraid I will not finish them in time to get them entered for the end of the SOS 08 competition.

Emily Parson's updated her Sophies Toes on Wednesday night, but I am sure there is little to nothing left. I restrained myself for reasons to be revealed. If you want some of Emily's lovely yarn, do sign up for her email list. She's very good about letting everyone know - I really was loving her Seashells colorway (shocking, I know! Not red, or pink or even green or blue!) I think she sold like 50 skeins between 7 and 9:30! Right now she's only got 12 colorways left.

What I did buy this week - it isn't here yet, but dharmafey at Cosmic Fibers Yarn dyed three of her Moonlight colorways in her sock yarn base - I can hardly wait to get them!!! She is absolutely brilliant with her themed colorways.

Oooh, lovin' the lime. Looks like plain stockinette, which I find so basically perfect!
Oh love those green socks! PS the doggy post was hilarious. I bet that sucked though:(
Pretty! LOVE your sock bag, too.
What lovely green socks! I particularly live the variegated. Very soothing.
As I am the queen of green I love those colors!
Ozzie' s letter was worth laughing out loud for. I had to read it to my husband too.

We have a five-year-old beagle who is almost perfect. We didn't realize this fact until we brought one of his daughters home a year ago. She and Ozzie are kindred spirits!
How DO you knit so fast?
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