Sunday, August 31, 2008

Baby, oh Baby.

Have you seen this sweater over on Ravelry? I really have quite fallen in love with it. In my stash I have almost 2000 yards of this:

Somebodies Destash was my treasure. I do believe I like this combo. The sock frenzy is going to rest soon and I shall cast on Greenjeans and the Baby Cables sweater and do some multiple sweater knitting. Really.

Especially once I beat this silly game.....

Sure - I'll believe it when I see it!!!
Don't knit socks anymore? As deb said... but I like the pattern and I especially like the silky wool.
Hmmm... I have a bunch of Silky Wool, too. Hmm....
Yes, I spotted that sweater too. Great minds...
That sweater is going to be beautiful in Silky Wool! It's a great yarn, lots of nice stitch definition but it feels so lovely. And yes, I've been moooning over that pattern too.

But socks. And FF. Is it posssible?
Lovely sweater, great yarn! A few years ago I knit a shell in EL's silky wool, and I throw it in the wash on gentle/cool. It washes beautifully without wear.

I'd do a test-run on a swatch first, but it might be a wash-and-wear for you, too! :)
That should be very pretty in that yarn.
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