Friday, July 18, 2008

Wrappin' Up The Week

I finished Pair O Socks #4 for SOS '08! Blogger does not want to take my photos today, so we'll have some details for you on Monday, 'kay? If you are on Ravelry you can see it under my Projects page.

I cast on brigid from goddessknits in this lovely Yarntini (from TLE). (I did successfully resist the Loopy stock-up this week.) I anticipate this will knit up quickly (size 4 needles people!) Brigid is a free pattern, but she has others for sale.

Puck's team won both games v Minnetonka teams this week (Monday and Wednesday). That means that his team finished the season officially in first place in their division, next week are the playoff games and Championship games are next weekend.

Today we are leaving to pick up the errant pup. Ozzie's been at school for two months and we are driving up to pick him up today. I'm hoping he's learned some manners in his absence. Then we'll be relaxing at the cabin until Sunday.

Oh, and be afraid. Very afraid. The Teen passed his drivers' license exam (with a 97!), and now if officially a licensed driver. (GULP)

I think I've wrapped it up here, have a good weekend.

Congrats to Puck and the Teen! Ozzie was at school for TWO MONTHS?! My goodness, you would think he'd be a whole new dog by now, eh?

Have a great weekend - looking forward to your Brigid pictures Monday.
Congratulations to both Puck & the Teen! The look of heel construction on Brigid has me intrigued, along with the concept of a quick sock ;)

Enjoy the weekend.
Yikes! A licensed teen driver in the house! I'm only 9 months away from that. Eek.
I'm staying out of EP for a while!! Congrats PUCK!
Ohhhh. Another licensed driver in the house. How exciting!
Yummy pink yarn. Love the bag in your previous post, too!
Teenagers driving....[shudder]. Love the pink yarn! Poor Ozzie must miss you--two months!
Thanks for the warning. I'll stay on the north side of the Cities for awhile! ;-)
Go, Puck!

New license! Awesome.

A size 4 needle pattern? AWESOME.

That purse is gorgeous. I'd totally keep it.
Great Pink!
Way to go Teen. That is great. Have fun driving.
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