Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Um, this was supposed to be WIP Wednesday????

Sorry, best intentions and all that...

Persephone, Which is now down past the heel-turn, knit up from some Scout's Swag. Very stretchy and scrunchy. A little more complicated pattern than I am used to, but I am liking it. (Deb, I think I gifted you this pattern? Have you tried it yet?)

Puck's Lacrosse team is in the Championship games this weekend and I am running the concession stand and begging for volunteers, thus, very little knitting is going on.


Local knitters - KnitWits out in Chanhassen are closing their doors at the end of August. I think markdowns are currently around 25-30% - I'm not sure what is left, but check it out! See you on the other side of this weekend!

Congrats & Good Luck to Puck!
Should be a great weekend to be out enjoying sports.
I hit the KW sale; got some Smooshy at 40% off. I have not tried Persephone yet put it's in the queue - along with the lovely yarn! I'll watch your progress!
Good luck, Puck! And good luck to you with the concessions...
Looks like a nice pattern!
In Dutch we say: Hup Puck, which is shrt for: go, get them!
Freh colors, nice pattern (may be better with a solid yarn?)!
Oh, no. A dealer bites the dust! Gah.

Lovely little sockies you have there, my dear.

And no, sadly, Iceland's gravity is the same, maybe even stronger since I seemed to weigh a bit more by the end of our trip... but I think the fumes from the volcanoes may have had something to do with the jumpy pics.
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