Monday, July 07, 2008

This Was Supposed to be WIP Wednesday.

Instead it's "Let's Visit the Frog Pond Lacrosse Day". (I dunno, go with me, I'm makin' it up.) This was Wendy's pattern from the Summer of Socks 2008 - but my lack of fondness for toe-up combined with the heel I didn't understand, prompted me to ri-i-i-i-ip. I may re-visit with some different yarn and some mods for my comfort. Instead, I cast on the Spring Forward Socks from the current Knitty. Much more up my alley, with the whole cuff-down structure. (The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill's Sweet Potatoe Pie.) I'm rockin' the first heel flap already.

We watched Puck's team win a very lackadaisical Lacrosse game tonight (all these little athletes are attending multiple sports camps and by the time they get to the Lacrosse field, they're pooped!) Then I had to hurry home to catch the end of So You Think You Can Dance - tonight Katee and Joshua stole my heart with their Bollywood dance. I want to download that on Youtube and watch it every day!

i'm not a toe up fan either. knitty socks are on my list too.
We'll have to talk sometime about toe-up. :) I never knit socks the other way.
Having tried toe up and finding it fiddly, I have also reverted to top down. Of course, some of the socks I have knit top down were also fiddly. :)
I've decided that my next pair (I'll have to knit more - I already bought the yarn) will be of the toe-up variety. Chris has promised to help :)
Oooooh - but the yarn is so pretty.
I think either way is fine, depending on the pattern. Pretty colors!
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