Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pucks Plays Lacrosse!

That's him there in the black and red with the long white socks and the long black pole. He is tough and nobody gets past him! (He plays defensive long-pole.) You can't see him in this picture, but his big brother is reffing this game. They beat the best Minnetonka 5/6 team last night 5-1. They play the (arguably) second-best Minnetonka team tomorrow night and that is the last game in their regular season. EP 5/6 Red is tied for 1st place in their division and they start playoff games next week.
Oh look at this, somehow, some beautiful blue Louet (clearance from WEBS!) wound up in my stash. I think there is a sweater in there (I have enough of them in my queue.) Perhaps for the Ravelympics...I haven't decided which events to sign up for...perhaps Amy can help me out; she seems to be causing trouble all over the place!

And these are showing off in my garden today. I bought these at the Minneapolis Farmers Market five years ago. Yellow Daylilies (Stella d'oro) are everywhere, and I have this inner drive to be different. They've been split and spread throughout my yard once already.

Do you like how I hid my stash transgression in the middle of all my other chatter? By the way, I just got the email - TLE has updated the site and there is some Spritely Goods Sylph there. Yum. Also? Perchance to Knit....um, bye?

Those lilies are beautiful! So's the Louet.
Good luck to Puck tomorrow night! Those are lovely lilies - I always love seeing color variety in them.

Good luck to Puck!!!
Very nice lillies, mine are all of the Stella variety but now I'm thinking its time to break out of the box myself. Amy is a very bad influence - I became on official entrant today.

Good Luck Puck!
I love that pink! I do get tired of all the yellows - what a nice change!

Kick some arse, Puck!
I had to stop listening to the ready, set knit podcast because I bought too much at Webs - it's my new secret sin. Shh . . .
Pretty daylilies! Hmmm...mine aren't blooming yet.
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