Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Champion.
A little backstory here, I grew up avoiding competition at any cost. Board games? I hated 'em. Team sports? Not me. I quit band when we had to start competing for chairs. It's not that I couldn't do it, I just didn't want somebody telling me I had to.

So how do you handle a boy. A MOST competitive boy, who has just seen the end of his undefeated season, with a loss. Oh, they had a great season - they were champs - they were winners, they were some of the best. The game was still undecided in the middle of the fourth period, it could've gone either way, it just went the wrong way. These 11, 12 and 13 year olds were inconsolable. So, Puck's team took Second in State, and played an incredible tournament, but it is very difficult for these little guys not to be disappointed in themselves.

On the other hand, this group of 24 kids coached by three dads and a high school Junior, nearly beat a team coached by six men with a combined 120 years of experience playing and coaching Lacrosse. So, GO PUCK! and y'know what? GO COACHES! You guys rocked my Summer! You are all my CHAMPIONS!

Now, let's go play some Football.

WTG Puck and Company. What a fun season it must have been.

BTW, there is still plenty of yarn at Knit Wits. The windows are just bare and they have most of the stuff that was in display units in bins and on tables. It just looks half-empty. And I couldn't find any sock yarn, though when I saw the Tweed, I was done looking (grin).

Most stuff is 30% off but some is now marked 40% off.
Congrats to Puck and team - that is impressive!
Yay Puck! That's awesome! Think of all the teams that never made it that far!
That's an amazing accomplishment! What a great story and BTW - what a great looking kid!!
I know just what you mean about competition--I never liked it, either.
I'm a wee bit competitive (that noise you hear is the rolling & falling out of eyes by those who know me and think I might be softening the truth)
But, one of the best and toughest lessons I've had to learn and in turn teach my kids is that of losing graciously. It's a tough deal - you work so hard for something and when it comes to the big moment your opponent(s) may have the game of their life. Its just life...

Congratulations to Puck & the whole team. I bet they'll look back and think We took 2nd in State! soon.
Way to go Puck!!!! I have seen nephews go through the same thing with football. It is so hard to see them sad.
They had an impressive season! The art of losing well is all part of it. The sucky part, but still.
YAY Puck! YAY for everyone: team, coaches, AND the parents who support the team.

Funny how much of our lives can be taken up by these sports we had never even heard of when we were kids.

You're doing a great job with your kids. Way to go!
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