Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kona & The Rainforest Socks

"Get these things off of me, you are blocking my sunbeam!" Kona

Rainforest Socks by the Anni Design Yarn: Lisa Souza Sock! in the Rainforest colorway Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's in size 0 Started: June 21, 2008 Completed: June 30, 2008. Note: Great pattern, great yarn - first pair for the Summer of Socks 2008!

We are off to the cabin again, so I will be AWOL until after the 4th!

9 days - The Certified Board of Knitologists approves of this reasonable time frame. I however am cowering with your speed.
Have a good time at the cabin - you sure do get to go early...we're not out until Thursday!
Both lovely - socks and dog basking in sunlight. Have a safe and happy 4th!
Pretty! Have a great break!
Have fun at the cabin!

But Kona, they look so good on you!
Whoooooo! Dang, you're fast!

Gorgeous pup lying in the sun. And the socks rock, too!
poor Kona! Great socks.
Our poor, long-suffering pets . . . Fabulous socks. Hope your 4th was fabulous, too.
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