Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day Late


How great it this color? I love it to pieces.

This pattern is so easy and lovely I would definitely knit it again. A good way to get started on cables.

Pattern: Brigid by Renee Leverington Yarn: Yarntini Semi-Solid Sport (from TLE)- Colorway: Merlot Needles: Knitpicks DPN's in size 3 Started: July 18, 2008 Completed: July 20, 2008. Note: I finished the first sock in one day as we were in our car for 8 hours driving up to pick up the newly-schooled pooch.

Lacrosse playoffs start tonight. I'll be out yelling for Puck. Also? I've been put in charge of running the concession stand for the championship rounds being held at the High School on Saturday and Sunday. Yikes! Talk about last minute scrambling. Anyone know a local restaurant that has the ability to prepare and sell food on a mobile basis?

They look so cozy!
They're gorgeous! I'm not surprised. :)

Oh, good luck with the food thing. Um, Famous Dave's maybe??
Check Kowalski's and Byerly's, they might be able to do something. Do you just need it delivered, or do you need them to sell it too? You could also check Millie's Deli in Chanhassen--they did some catering for me when I set up a staff appreciation lunch at Cedar Ridge one year. The food was good, cheap, and they brought it right to us.
Pizza parlours?

Those socks are cute! I was glad to hear you had 8 hours in a car though because two days to finish cabled socks? Awesome.
I saw a Culvers truck - maybe they do?? But back to socks. Those are adorable!!
And you were probably driving, too!

Seriously, I love the color and the socks! Must make those one of these days.
Love those socks!
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