Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anybody? Anybody?

OMGoodness, Captain Hammer! Dr. Horrible! Joss Whedon, I love you! Something really great did come out of the Writer's strike!

Am slowly recovering from exhausting weekend, more update posts to follow....there's yarn, there's frogging, there's WIP, there's Lacrosse, and and now Lacrosse is over, guess what starts in week and a half? Football.

Been meaning to check it out. Football? It's too hot!
I missed it when it was on the web. But I'll wait for DVD. If it's Joss Whedon, it's worth buying on DVD, right?
The beginning of football signals the end of summer which signals the beginning of school and boy am I ready for that!
I'm so confused.
Football? already? No rest for the sports crazed!

There's always yarn, thankfully. Uh oh. Frogging?
I saw Dr Horrible. I liked it a lot.
Yikes - football in August?!
You've got your finger on the pulse! Zeitgeister! I clicked the link and now I've watched my first episode (instead of feeding my kids breakfast) bought all three and e-mailed my friends and family. HIL-arious! I'm so glad you shared that!

ps. Leo's eating-bravado was something we discussed for possible 'retraining' - he nearly jumps out of his skin when we fill his bowl and a few days before he left for boot camp he actually 'accidently' nipped my hand instead of the food. But we miss him soooooo much!
(sniff) Stopped by Knit Wits this afternoon. So Sad!

How'd the lacrosse season end???

We're finishing up the HS hockey camp, swimming lessons and music classes this week. Next week - just dance classes. HEAVEN! I don't know what I'll do with all those free hours! Okay, I do.
Football, yeah, football... well, have fun! And: hug for Puck and there will be new and better chances next year. Then they will be unbeatable!!!
I totally missed out - was on vacation w/o internet access. Grr!
Looks like it was awesome. :)

I've heard Joss Whedon has a new show coming this fall on FOX.
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