Monday, June 23, 2008

Where's Puck?

That's my boy! They came home with a Silver Medal! These boys came up against the 2-year Michigan State Championship U-13 team. (Puck plays Defense), his end of the field held Michigan to 1 point the whole first half. In the end, they went down 3-4 - but it was a heck of a game! There're only two boys younger than Puck on this team - can you pick him out?

Not much knitting was finished - I spent too much time pacing the field. There are a few cuffs underway, but we'll look for some progress around Wednesday or so!

He's the one smiling...Right!
Congratulations to Puck!
Congrats, Puck!
Wow! Way to GO!

Looks like there are quite a few of us spending our summer days (and evenings) out on the field, cheering.

You really have someone to be proud of! Congrats.
Woot Woot! Way to go Puck'n'Pals!
Obviously this is some sort of sports thing, so by definition I have no idea what's going on, but yay Puck!
they look like serious winners....congrats Puck!
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