Friday, June 27, 2008

Stash and Run

Araucania Ranco Solid in color 118 (The Loopy Ewe)

Yarntini Merino Sport Merlot Semi-Solid (also TLE)

Rock Creek Yarn Simply Sock Yarn in Kilauea (sigh, Hawaii...)
(Also? I am sad I do not remember the web site for t his yarn - if you scroll down a few posts I think I linked it there.)

Scout's Sway Sock yarn club shipment for June. A very cabinish color called Stocker Pond.

Now I am off, off, off to the cabin!

Have a good weekend playing with your yarn!
So, any not-buying-yarn strategy is long gone, I take it?! ;)
Have fun at the cabin? Don't you just love the Stocker Pond? It's so pretty and summery.
I LOVE the colors in that Rock Creek Yarn. Gorgeous stuff to possess, and from HAWAII, too! Groovy....
Great summer colors! You remind me I actually have stash to post.

Have fun at the cabin!
Love the Stocker Pond! Have a good time at the cabin.
How are you going to knit on the Sea-Doo? Have fun!

I'm suffering major yarn envy here. The only cure is mimicry.
Now I can add 'drool' to the list of sti ck y things on my keyboard.
300 and PS, I love you.

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