Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SOS '08

Mostly WIP's!

This are my Rainforest Socks - yarn is Lisa Souza Sock!

This is my Bellamodem yarn in the Django pattern.

This is Whistle Bait in some wool I received from my Pal in the Netherlands.

I think I'd have finished a whole pair if I hadn't hopped from sock to sock.

This is my little blanket square - I'll be knitting a whole bunch of these. This is for the Yarnery's sock yarn blanket project that benefits Women's Advocates Inc. We have another Lacrosse game tomorrow night, and then we are off to the cabin for the weekend. I can hardly wait to get on the Sea Doo!. I may not get out of the water this weekend.

I have suffered some major stash enhancement this week, maybe I'll show you tomorrow. In the meantime - So You Think You Can Dance? is so EXCELLENT this season! Anybody else watching? Who's your fave dancer? (Twitch!)

You're so *fast*!
Oh, I like how that Django is shaping up!
the Rainforest socks are sure pretty! Now I feel guilty for neglecting my socks in favor for Icarus. Off to find them now!
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