Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sock and a Half:

This is Zen Yarn Garden Bamboolicious yarn in the Pomegranate colorway. The sock pattern is the June Sockamania choice pattern Speedway (and it really is fast). That's a Ravelry link, by the way. Look how shiny and slippery this yarn is. I feel like I'm knitting a blueberry tiger. The yarn is from Woolgirl.com. Woolgirl has no Bamboo right now, but she does have some of Zen Garden's Seacell.

Comments Answered:

Bellamodem wanted to know what CookieA pattern I was knitting her yarn in - and I can't answer comments with email (technical idiot), so I'm going to answer her here - it's the Django pattern - relatively simple (for a CookieA pattern), so the pattern and the lovely colors don't battle too much.

Jeanne (who is sadly, blogless) - isn't that a personal question?

Finally, I think Cursing Mama is just jealous due to her Sockus Interruptus....and Deb is just being a pot-stirrer (plus she didn't save me any brownies, hmph!)

The reason I have all of those lovely socks lined up ready to go?

The ranks are full at over 1,000 knitters, we start on 6/21.

Ummm, woops.

I know they're blurry - just look at the colors and you'll see why I slipped. Emily Parson's Sophies Toes. She had an update and a sale. Guess which one is called "Starry Starry Night." She sold 191 skeins on Tuesday night, I barely got in on the goodies, or I would've posted a heads-up.

You certainly should have some sort of elevated title like, The Sock Mistress, or Queen of the Sassy Socks. It's so fun to watch all your colors turn into fabby socks.
I have no idea what you're talking about - I'm not even sure I know what this "sock" thingy you speak of is ;)
Oh - that Starry Nights is spectacular!! I am seriously jealous!
How have I missed Django?!
I bow in abject humility before your sockly majesty. Stupid Finger!

BTW, if you want some purple for your garden, I'll pot up some of my Veronica for you. hehehehe!
Pretty, pretty, pretty......
Bellamoden yarn and CookieA patterns? perfect.

And oooh, nice socks.
You really do have all the cool socks. Love the Pomegranate!
Ya know...if you can't admit you have a problem...


You always get such pretty yarns...
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