Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hello Nutkin!

I am ready to turn the heel on Nutkin #2. I really just like typing the word "Nutkin".


I frogged the Hareton sock. The fabric was just too dense. Instead I cast on the Drunken Bee. Notice I am knitting the foot of the sock in stockinette. The pattern, while adorable, was quite bulky for the foot of the sock, although I loved the heel flap. The more solid yarn the author used shows the pattern much better.

Also? I am weak.

I was out in Maple Grove having lunch with my sis and my mom to celebrate mom's 70th birthday. I'd never been to Amazing Threads, and my sister showed me the way, so I went. (The staff were very nice, and after inquiring if I needed help once or twice, left me to my own devices.) This bag is going to be Mr. Greenjeans. Which I will cast on soon, along with half a dozen pair of socks. Really.

Also? Puck's LAX team marched to another 12-0 victory last night. Woot! If we ever get a game day not drenched with rain, I will take some pictures of these guys playing. They are a riot to watch.

Congrats to Puck's team! Are you finding your Nutkins fit ok? That was one of the biggest Rav complaints - that the heel was too tight because the stitch pattern didn't have enough give.

What yarn is in that bag??
I'm dying to pull out a patented momisms from my childhood "do you have do everything your sister tells you too?"
My answer was usually "only the good stuff!"

So - what'd ya get???
Yeah - what's in the bag?? Tell us - please. Congrats to Puck. Soon school is out and I smell some knitting time on my porch - are you in?
You've met my store! Glad they treated you well. I like being acknowledged and left alone - makes me want to shop more.

Looks like Dream in Color in the bag. Enjoy making Mr. Greenjeans!!
You are not weak. You just know amazing yarn when you see it. I may have to knit a sweater out of it one of these days. Way to go Puck!!!!!!
The socks look perfect.

Good that you got to that MG yarn shop. They have quite a lot of nice yarn in a small apace! And they are very pleasant and helpful, too.
If you've never been to the yarn shop before, it's only polite to buy yarn from it. Really.

Nutkins are cute! And so close to being done. But Drunken Bee is almost as fun to say/type. Knit?
I like the word Nutkin, too.
Yum yum yum. All of it! I can't wait to see this new stash over on Ravelry!

Cute socks, too!
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