Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Drunken Bees are done and I am very happy with the finished product, although I'm afraid the teen may abscond with these for cabin wear. This is #1 on my Summer Goals list from the previous post.

Pattern: Drunken Bees by the Domesticat (free pattern) Yarn: Forgive me - but the band was lost from this skein and I have no earthly clue. Needles: Knitpick Harmony 2.25mm Started: These started life on 3/11 as the Hareton socks. I frogged them and recast on June 3, 2008 Completed: June 10, 2008. Note: In this yarn the pattern was really bulky so I did the foot of the sock in stockinette. The pattern itself wound up being less feminine in this colorway so the teen is very interested in them.

I've been kind of absent from my blog this week because I had a little procedure done on my back on Monday morning. I had steroids injected into my spinal cord to help reduce the inflammation from my herniated disc. My back feels much better, but steroids are just a nasty thing. The side-effects should be finished soon so I am am hoping to be back in fighting form soon.

Puck had his third Lacrosse game of the season and holy cow! His team is now 3-0-0 and have scored a total of 34 goals and only been scored on twice! I had to run the score table last night, but I promise photos are coming.

The teen is taking his drivers license test on Friday morning so we have been practicing the driving every day this week. All documentation is in order this time so we should have no excuses not to complete the test.

Very Damp Lilacs.

Well, we have a little shopping trip planned to DSW for some casual footwear for the younger set. A little lunch at Panera is also in the works.

Can't wait to see your drunken bees - I think they're going to be a lot of fun!
I like those socks too. As for your procedure, OUCH!
Hopefully the steroid side effects wear off very quickly! The socks did turn out really well - I definitely can see 'em as cabin wear.
You've already crossed off one of your summer goals! Impressive. The Drunken Bees look good.

Hopefully the steroids do their thing and stop messing you up with side effects soon!
Goodness, I do hope your back is better soon. It's so hard to function with a sore back.

I like the chartreuse socks!
The socks look great (as usual). You are one fast sock knitter. I am impressed. Panera??? YUMMY
Ouch. I hope you're all better now!
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