Monday, April 21, 2008

There really is a lot going on here...

There's the Waterfall Socks...

this first one took half a day, yep. Half a day.

This is the Snowdrop Sock (like Deb's) in the Noro Kureyon Sock (yukky, but pretty. Every couple of yards I pull out of the skein is a big knotty mess.)

This is a cardi - can't remember the name of the pattern - I'll tell you later when it's finished, but the yarn is Cascade 220 Tweed. I really love the knitted fabric. La, la, la... Can you tell I'm not really feeling the blog tonight? I just spent two hours entering used Gameboy cartridges and PS2 games for sale onto Amazon for my boys. Puck's made about $185.00 in two days. Seriously. My brain is a little goggled. (I know, I made up a word.)

I ordered a new kitchen counter today from Home Depot. We are now officially quite a bit poorer. Our old counter was a faux-Corian material that doesn't do well with hot/cold fluctuations. So, if you should use a slow cooker or electric frying pan on the counter during the Winter months, the counter may crack when it's cooling down. Especially after the ten year warranty is over. Yup. It's ugly. Silestone, here we come. I don't even want to talk about the hardwood floors. (sigh.)

Ugh, sorry about the countertop - that's a pain for sure.

I love your knitting, though - the waterfall socks are great, the sweater is just a fabulous color. The Noro socks look like Noro socks in progress, which means that they will look MUCH better after washing (no dig at your knitting, it's the yarn!).

I swatched some Noro sock yarn today and it was so obnoxious to knit that I skeined it up and washed it - I'm fairly convinced that they didn't wash the yarn after it was spun. Normally that's done to set the twist and make the yarn bloom, and having seen how the fabric changes once it's washed and also the pile of grit in my sink after washing the skeined yarn, I'm pretty sure they missed a step at the mill.
I think I like looking at other people's Noro socks more than I'd like knitting them. :) Alas about the countertop. But pretty amazing about the Gameboy cartridges!
It's true - once washed, the Noro socks really do look, and feel, 100% better. The color of your is grand.
That is a lot of dough for gameboy cartridges - I wonder if I could get my kiddo to part with his. Can't wait to see the noro socks done, it's such pretty yarn.
The more I hear about Noro sock, the less I want to knit up my skein. Bummer about the counters.
Half a day???? You are very much my hero! :-)
Sorry about the countertop. Your socks look great!
Those socks are amazing. You do such nice work I really enjoy seeing what you knit up. Congrats on the new counters. Bummer that you had to buy new ones.
That cardigan makes me want to run out and buy a NESTLE Crunch bar. If I can't eat yarn chocolate will do.

I am a bit skeptical about starting that Noro sock, but you're right about it being so beautiful. Have you found bits of twigs and such?!

I can't believe you just posted about your faux-CORIAN. WE have the same stuff and this MARCH it cracked when we set a warm pan on it. Hooray for the new countertops!!!
If it's any consolation, I love my Silestone counters and they have been good to me for the past 6 years, with many more in sight!

Could you please drop me a private line? I need to get your address to deliver a preemie hat prize...yes, I am completely lame in being this late!
I just started pulling out our old gameboys and games for Youngest Child - he thinks they are the best new equipment ever! Although, I still don't like those Sims . . .
I love the waterfall socks. I hate Noro. Everybody gets rich through Ebay exept me (:-) and after the moving thing I don't want to hear a thing about kitchen counters and hardwood floors. :-)
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