Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Prettier Picture:

These are a more color-accurate picture of my Reversai socks from the Sock Madness 2 competition. I didn't think I'd like the short-row heel, but I like it much more in a garter stitch.

These are my finished Sockamania Simply Cable Socks:

Pattern: Simply Cable from Sockamania by Anni. Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun in the Warm Night colorway. Needles: Knitpick's size 1 dpn's (2.25 mm). Started: March 17, 2008 Completed: April 9, 2008. Note: This is a lovely and easy pattern - I was able to put it down for Sock Madness and pick it right up again, no problem. This yarn is gorgeous, I love how the color knit up.

Tonight I am working on a sweater and watching round one of the Wild playoff game!!! Woot!

Go Wild! I like your Simply Cable socks. I'm going to have to knit that pattern eventually.
The Reversai pattern seems really interesting. Was it a fun knit?

Yay for the Wild-- it's been quite some time since we've had a hokey team in the playoffs!!!

Are you going to the YH tomorrow night?
I like your Simply Cable socks more than any of the others I've seen!!
Great socks! That pattern is perfect for colorful yarn, going to have to try it.
As always your socks are lovely:D
I like your Simply Cables more than mine (not yet ready, because of my moving, brrrrrrr)the pattern shows so nicely. I like the pattern. yes.
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