Thursday, April 17, 2008

The End of the Road:

Well, for Sock Madness 2 at least.

I just didn't feel like starting the pattern when I got it in my email, so I didn't. I watched as the finishers added up and I just didn't care. However, I kept plugging away at these socks and I really love the sweatery feeling of these. The blue is malabrigo lace and the brown is from TLE - Lane Borgosesia Cashwool. I think this pattern will become available after Sock Madness 2 is over - but the designer's name is Tina Lorin - her blog is Knit Tenacity. I finished these on Monday night - so I was about twelve hours behind the last finisher.

Pattern: Slippin' Stripin' Socks by Chrtine (Tina) Lorin Yarn: malabrigo laceweight and Lane Borgosesia Cashwool. Needles: Knitpick's size 2 dpn's (2.75 mm). Started: April 11, 2008 Completed: April 14, 2008. Note: See above.

Oh, and I have other socks hangin' around on the needles. This is my Waterfall sock. I know, mine looks different, but I like it, quick and easy repeat. The pattern came with a yarn club shipment from the Woolgirl, so I don't know if it's available yet. I am not using the yarn she sent me for this pattern, but I probably will because the pattern is quite excellent.

Then I ventured out of my fortress of solitude to meet with some local knittahs so I could learn how to cast on a toe-up sock and knit this lovely pearl:
Conclusions: I was right, toe-up is kind of a pain, but not as hard as it could be. I probably still won't do too many because I'm NOT a fan of short row heels. We shall see how this one turns out. Also? I brought my camera to Starbucks in my knitting bag. Guess where it stayed? Yea, you guessed. We were there until almost 12:45 and then we all had to run, but not before we made a quick stop into Lulu and Luigi's and bought goodies for the furry friends. See Sammy's dance performance over at Deb's blog.

Well, the day is gray and not too promising looking, I have kitchen counters to purchase, Lacrosse games to time and Wild hockey games to try to watch without losing my nerve. Hopefully the knitting will calm the waters.

You know, I"m a top down girl myself. I've never finished a sock that I started toe up. I know I should, to better myself as a knitter and whatnot... but I just can't do it. :)
They're great socks! If I stop in a LYS this weekend, I'm tempted to check and see if I can find any superwash laceweight for this pattern; I sure don't have any in stash. Tempthing!
I sometimes do toe up socks, but I don't like short row heels either. I know it's possible to do a flap heel toe up...Chris does them all the time...but when I've tried they always turn out a little wonky.
Wow, one day and you're already way ahead of me!
I hate short row heels, too, so I always to a gusset-heel flap on my toe-up socks. You have been a busy sock knitter, haven't you?!
OOoooooooh All that lovely yarn. I would just take a few days to lie in

Those stripey socks are really cool!
I like the colors you have there.


ps. how are you liking the Noro? It's a lovely colorway.
my sock toe is in awe of your sock toes
Oh you are so gonna kick Amy's butt! Nice toe-job!
Have you tried Ann Budd's short row heel from Interweave awhile back? I hated them too until I followed her pattern, then they were beautiful.
I think this race between you and Amy's going to get ugly.
I love the Waterfall socks! And I don't like toe ups either.
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