Monday, April 28, 2008

Did somebody SAY NAY?

Every time I pulled more yarn from the center, this is what I got. At one point it snapped. Yuk.

Inspired by Miss T's post this morning, I am declaring myself a Naysayer. I say NAY to sticky yarn, I say NAY to yarn barf, I say NAY to ugly colors attached to the pretty, I say NAY to NORO! Miss T, I promise you if any more Noro Kureyon Sock comes my way, it is yours!

Nonetheless, I persist in completing this pair of socks because I will NOT be a quitter. I am at the heel of my second sock, opinion of the finished items are being withheld at this moment.

I got some pretty, pretty stash this weekend. I'll post a pretty picture tomorrow.

I was not allowed to bring my camera into the Spring Fling, but I picked up many stinky shoes in order to help big kids find their matches, and then I watched a mass of 6th graders hop up and down to Miley Cyrus' song and they were screaming every word.

Ew. Stinky 6th grader shoes. You are a really, really good mom.

I stayed home and watched a movie and drank wine. Because my carpooling role was the dropoff, not the pickup! Go me!
Wow. Sounds like fun.
Agreed! I say NAY too. It took me almost an hour to wind two balls of sticky Kureyon sock into yarn cakes and at one point, the yarn barf was so bad that it had to be cut.
Good for you...sticking with it and getting those socks done. I know how frustrating that stuff is to work with. I'll knit mine eventually, but I probably won't buy any more. Noro - you once cornered a market, but things are changing and you need to keep up.
I had a heck of a time just winding the noro sock yarn into a ball (from the center, of course.)

It was nasty. Knitting (from the outside of the ball) isn't too bad, though.
Ack, now I see what you're talking about. Why not just knit from the outside of the ball?
Note to self: always use the ball winder with noro.

I'm really looking forward to seeing your socks done, as I've now taken to admiring other peoples socks instead of knitting my own.
I must be a glutton for punishment. My fourth pair of Noro socks is working its way down the needles. I really like the feel of the socks on my feet. They are almost like cotton.
Love the color you chose and can't wait to see a photo.
I knit from the outside of the ball, so no rat's nests like that for me. But, never again with Noro Sock. Thread thin to super bulky and stiff as a board is not my idea of great socks!
Strangely, I'm losing every little impulse I might've had to knit with Noro sock... You survived the stinky shoes, eh? Wow!
EEEEEK! My Noro is looking at me and laughing at me! "You can't resist my colors! You WILL knit me. You will hate me. MWWOOO HAhAHAAHAAA!"

Help me!
I am with you. I found it to be too thin and itchy feeling something like burlap. Seriously who wants to knit with that.

Even now that Great Balls of Yarn is closing and the sales are great that icky yarn is still on the shelf. That tell me a lot too....
Stinky shoes... wow...
I hate Noro.
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