Monday, April 07, 2008

Did I Mention?

Hawaii was really very lovely:

This would be the beach where my kids got REALLY sunburnt.

Sock Madness 2: I made it past round two! The pattern was sent out on the 31st and I was not anywhere near a computer/printer to get the pattern. When I was printing out our boarding passes on the 3rd I snuck in a printout of this pattern - The Reversai (Flickr page). I started them on the flight home, and finished them last night and I managed to be the final finisher in my group! Yay!

The deets:

Pattern: Reversai Socks from Sock Madness 2 by Janine LaGras. Yarn: Seacoast Handpainted Panda in Mountain Rainbow. Needles: Knitpick's size 1 dpn's (2.25 mm). Started: April 3, 2008 Completed: April 6, 2008. Note: This is a really different pattern - completely reversible. I wasn't sure about the garter stitch, short-row heel, but I really kind of like it now.

I will try to get a prettier photo a little bit later - maybe after it's done SNOWING!

ETA: I seem to have gone off of the enabling wagon lately, but, it's just time. I've gotten emails over the last week. Spritely Goods has updated her shop with new base yarns and rovings, the Yarn Nerd has updated his shop, Sophie's Toes is updating tomorrow at 7pm and Scout has added new pattern tamers and bags to her website. Sheesh. Too bad I spent all my money in Hawaii this month. (um, yea.)

And again, I say:


I'm impressed that you managed to be on vacation and still be in the running for Sock Madness! :)

Heh, so you didn't miss all the snow...
Well, on the up side, the snow should melt immediately. I have to admit to cursing your name during the last and Deb who both managed to miss it.

I can't believe you went to Hawaii and still managed to stay in Sock Madness.
Love the socks and the yarn you used!
Welcome back! Bet you loved the snow this morning. :-)
Oh, you made me laugh: going on a easy peasy holiday and somehow finishing in time your sock madness sock....:-) and they are very nice.
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