Thursday, April 24, 2008

Coming Soon...

To a blog near you:

1. A remodeling post. I've spent the last week picking out flooring and appliances and countertops for a kitchen that is about five years past it's "worn out" date. (The floor is scratched through, the table is a germ-trap, half of the oven has ceased to work and the Corian counter top has split clean across.) Also, we had an ice dam that melted into our screen porch this March, ruining a smallish piece of Berber carpet that needs to be replaced. I've got samples to show you tomorrow.

2. A Spring Fling Post. The Sixth graders have a year-end dance/party this Friday and I am Security.

3. A Yarn Shopping Post. 'Nough said.

4. A Knitting Progress Post

5. A Lacrosse Post. Because between now and the end of July my life is Lacrosse and the cabin.

If you're a hockey fan and have nothing to do tomorrow night now that the Wild are done - go check out the Swarm at the X - tickets are cheap and the games are really fun.

In the meantime - enjoy our Luau pictures. Do you think the Teen was impressed?

Have fun at the Spring Fling! Feel free to slap my son around to keep him in line if you have to. :-)
Can you be security at our next party too?
I remember going to a 6th grade dance. I don't remember it being much fun. You'll have to let us know how it goes.
Um... have fun tonight?!
Security - is that the new word for chaperone?? Sounds scarier!
Choosing new things for a kitchen...sounds wonderful.

Good luck with the teen!
Things have been pretty quitet on the blog front. You sound busy! I'll keep lurking around here, though! I know I can depend on you for good yarn pRon!

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