Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I mean really, could you resist this? Yarnzilla.com was having a little sale before Spring Break and I just wanted something bright and flowery and soft...

So, when I said I had quite a bit of it....I'm talking 1400 yards. Or, I could just roll in it for a while.

I needed to round out my cart(you know, for shipping purposes) when I bought a few patterns from the Loopy Ewe last week, so some Sanguine Gryphon got plucked right up. Some Bougainvillea and Pythagoras came home to roost. I didn't want TLE to think I'd forgotten about them.

Well, I didn't make it in the third round of Sock Madness 2. I confess, I may have performed better if I'd cast on when I got the pattern, but I actually waited until the next afternoon. It's okay, now I can knit the rest of the patterns and enjoy them. I am almost finished with my Stripin' Slippin' sock (or is it Slippin' Stripin'?), and I really, really like the finished product. However, I have a Waterfall sock on one side of my desk, my Hareton sock on the other corner and a tweedy cardigan down in the TV room. Time to spread the attention around. With all the hockey/knitting I've been doing, I should have much more completed, but I've been breaking the evenings up doing the timekeeping in the stadium booth at our local Varsity Lacrosse games (EP won last night 11-10 against Eagan, holy cow, what a game!)

But I digress, I stayed up until the bitter end to enjoy the Wild's sweet victory last night!!!!!! OMG, it was a heart stopper right until the end. At least we didn't have any injured players during this game. Lorraine says her favorite player is Ralston, and while I do love him, how could you disregard Burnsie? And, frankly, any player with a French name has a place in my heart, like, Pierre-Marc Bouchard!!!!! Or Boulanger, or Pouliot! I believe I need a nap this afternoon so I can last through tonight's game.

Props to you-- I wouldn't have made it past round one of Sockmadness. Holly (of words and wolle) was flying from Germany during the latest pattern release. Cathy (Cathy-Cate at Hither and Yarn) brought her laceweight during the YarnHarlot talk-- and wouldn't you know-- she's done by now! Complete, total insanity.

1400 yards of Malabrigo... Arianne, perhaps? I think it looks really beautiful in lighly verigated yarns. I'm not sure about the gauge-- but just a suggestion.
1400 yds of Malabrigo! The options are endless! Although, if you choose the "roll around in it" option, it'll probably felt and then you won't be able to use it for anything else. sorry about the downer.

I'll all about the hyphenated French first name, myself. Perre-Marc, Jean-Luc, Jean-Claude, etc....
Oh my, what is this with players with a French name... do tell... I have lots of French singers in my heart (www.julienclerc.com f.e.:-)because they sing in French.
Let's finish our unfinished socks.
And another new sock tomorrow?
My, don't mind me drooling all over your new yarn...
ARRRRGH! I couldn't even watch last nights game. Walked in at 0-3 and went, "NOPE, too stressful," and went to sleep.

As for my penchant for Ralston, what can I say . . . he's so cute.
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