Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Saturday Socks

Pattern: Saturday Socks from Oceanwind Knits Yarn: Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock in the Envy colorway Needles: Knitpick's 2.5 mm Harmony dpn's. Completed: March 4, 2008. Mods: I just knit these from the top down and used my regular old heel. This may be one of those sock patterns that gets used over and over. Very simple and quick to knit up. Note: I know I've knit at least three pair of socks similarly colored in the last 12 months - this may be the last skein of sock yarn in this colorway - well except for some Tess' I have - but that is a solid color green.

Yarn diet reconciliation:

I started with 126 yards to "spend", leftover from January. I used a total of 2,840 yards up finishing projects (Three pairs of socks and my Cozy V-Neck). One fourth of 2,840 is 710 - so I can add 710 to 126 for the total amount of yardage (836) I was allowed to acquire in February. I bought that Noro (oh yea - I've got to get that cast on) and some Smooshy for a total of 840 yards - which means I went 4 yards over for February. Hey - I'm just glad what's coming in is controlled! I am in hot pursuit of FO's right now, so I believe I will be on the plus side of the ledger for most of March! I'm halfway through my first Curve Ball sock and I have a long snowy weekend ahead of me with only one kid at home.

Knitpicks Harmony DPN's

My lil' sis gave me a set of KP DPN's and I am very tempted to go back and order three sets of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 just so I can always have a set to use for socks. Love, love, love!!! these needles are strong and sharp and perfect for me. Good thing I'm not on a needle diet!

March is the Craziest Month

A very compact school quarter, we are leaving a day early for our Spring Break vacation, that means taking Finals early. Spring sports are kicking in and Teen is trying to train to be a Lacrosse Ref and find Summer employment (new driver's license will need to be financed). The dentist office is harassing us, as is the vet and the orthodontist. Also, boys need haircuts and mom needs spring break beauty maintenance before departure (if you catch my drift - we're going somewhere I'll need to wear a swimsuit). Oh, and conferences are this week also. Sigh.

a warm spring break. . . sigh. That sounds heavenly. I'll probably be braving out the indoor water parks somewhere with about 3000 other people. blech.

The socks are yummy! I love the color, too. Spring! (or maybe palm tree leaves)
Cheery socks!! Oh, lucky, lucky you - will there be margaritas and sock knitting by the pool or on the beach in your future?
Great socks (so green...sigh) and I found beautiful dappers to knit next winter. Spring break. I could use that. Enjoy.
Stop being such a temptress! The Harmony dpns look really cool, too. :)

I've seen Sweet Georgia post now and again on Flickr-- she's around. Do you think she'll ever dye again?
Mmmmmm....margaritas by the pool! Oh wait, that's my vacation.
Pretty! I like that Envy a lot. I hope you survive March! : )
Vacation??? Going someplace warm? Jealous!
" if you catch my drift - we're going somewhere I'll need to wear a swimsuit)."---I am so jealous. I am sick of cold and snow.
Enjoy your vacation!
Not a vacation where you can wear all those socks, eh? Enjoy your break - the current hassle is worth it!
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