Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ready for Takeoff:

Ms. Limedragon linked some photos from 1918 with many little girls with large bows on their heads. I had to show this photo from my family tree. How do you like that 'stache on my Great Grandpa? (He later died when run over by a runaway horse and wagon - word is he overindulged from time-to-time.) I think my grandma wins the large bow contest - don't you think? I actually have this photo out because Puck (my youngest) is a complete throwback and his face is a dead ringer for grandma at this age. (Tidbit of Info: My grandmother graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Botany back in 1916/18. She was in the first graduating class from the U of M that contained women - woot! Go Grandma!)

I finished my first Meida last night:

This shot is actually better for color-correctness. I really love this pattern - next time I'm making the cuff longer. This sock knits so fast and the pattern is EXTREMELY easy to remember.

Lacrosse has taken over my life this week - so I have to catch the computer time when I can - I'll hope to catch y'all later.

The family photo is just darling! Love the bow. And those socks...I just might have to make them, too!*

*msmd (monkey see, monkey do)
Wow, I'm surprised she could even hold her head up! ;) Great sock - looks like coffee. Mmm... coffee.
Great photo, especially that walrus mustache. : )
I have a photo of my mom and her sisters circa 1918. My aunt has the same huge white bow but the younger sisters do not. Do you suppose there was an age requirement?
What a fantastic family picture! The bow is perfect.

I'm so loving those socks. Can you tell me where I might find the pattern?
You didn't put a bow on Puck for the facial comparison did you :)

That is a fantastic family photo. And way to go Grandma! I wonder, did she ever get to work as a botanist?
Beautiful photo! And your grandmother not only has the largest bow! She must have been a terrific lady graduating form University at that time!
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