Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hello Benoit!!!!!


The Wild's newest Center - two goals against Calgary tonight! Go Wild! (AND he's French Canadienne - the accent!)

Also, I'm knitting some socks. This is my first Hareton from the middle yarncake in this photo. I actually just finished the gusset on this one, just no updated photo - sorry. I've also got a Simply Cables sock finished as well, but no photo for you (at least not today).

Somebody had a link to this website this week, and I've spent the day printing out recipes and reading about this crazy lady's life. Enjoy!

What a great guy sock pattern. Thanks for the link.
Her lasagna is GOOD! Be sure to make that one.
Hee hee - I'm giggling over the background of your Meez...
I love Pioneer Woman! I made her Chex Mix at Christmas and it was a big hit.
Dude. So you're one of the masses who tend to clog traffic on my way home. :) (re: Wild games-- I bet you attend a ton of 'em!)

(If you see someone waving from a green car, it's probably me.)
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