Sunday, March 09, 2008

Curve Ball

My finished Curveball Socks. That's a PDF file - clicky and print if you want.

Pattern: Curve Ball Sock by Alyson Johnson Yarn: Lavender Sheep Superwash Merino (the tag says Fingering, but I beg to differ. This is definitely a sportweight yarn.) Needles: Knitpick's 2.25 mm Harmony dpn's. Completed: March 8, 2008. Mods: I only did four repeats of the pattern on the cuff - I was worried about the quantity of yarn I had.

I have not nailed the closeup function on my camera yet - but this is a closer view of the braided cable down the back of the sock. I really like the k3/p3 repeat on the rest of the sock.

Breakin' My Heart.

You know who's breakin' my heart? The Wild. Great googlie mooglies! This team should be winning waaaaaaaaaay more than they are right now. Every game I walk away shaking my head in distress. Where are my boys? Where are my goals? Sigh. Breakin' my heart.

Those socks are so pretty. I love the colors. They make me think of Spring a little bit which is something I think all of us Minnesota people are ready for.
Nice socks!
And I agree, the Wild are making me want to pull my hair out!!!
Gorgeous, gorgeous socks! (had to add the pattern to my ravelry queue...)
Great socks! : )
I'm sorry about our Wild. I have a kid who I finally bought a #10 Wild T-shirt for and he wore it straight through Friday-Sunday night. Even to bed! Finally, last night it went into the wash and disaster! It was not dried by the time he left for school. (oops/smirk)

The socks are soooo pretty!!! I'll book mark this pattern!!
Oi! Losing in another shoot-out? Puleez! Although Marc Pierre had a sweet move in the shoot out. The Sharks defenseman who batted that Gaborik goal out of the net in the OT ROBBED us.

Hubby and Hockeyman hit the Hockey Expo on Saturday and had my Wild jersey signed by several Wild players. SCORE!

Sweet socks, BTW! After all, some things are more important than hockey . . .
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