Friday, March 07, 2008


I know you all breezed through my accounting paragraph the other day, because nobody jumped up and said "Smooshy! Hey, you never showed us ANY Smooshy!" In an effort to keep it honest around here - here it is. I find the colors mesmerizing - and what was I saying yesterday about green...?


Remember that lineup of sock yarns I had back here? Well, I'm here to show you my progress on that challenge. (And, no, I haven't cast on that Noro yet - but I will! mumble,mumble, darn toe-up cast-on...) The first Sock Madness pattern is being sent out a week from yesterday - how far do you think I can get before the first pattern comes out the chute? (Speaking of Sock Madness - click on that linky and see the AWESOMENESS of the teaser photo.)

Anyway. Here is one Curve Ball Sock. The mate is about 1/3 of the way complete and should be finished during the High School Hockey semi-finals today.

Woo - psychedelic? (and why was that so hard to spell?)

This? I am having a hard time keeping my hands off of this.

This is the Araucania Ranco that switched to Meida's socks. This pattern is so easy and cool looking!
I'll try this closeup again when I have more finished - but I REALLY like it. I can finish one repeat in about fifteen minutes - and there's an Estonian Cable in there. Yep. I'm cool.


This is where we're going on vacation.

Hey, great minds think alike! I have some Arauncania Ranco, but it's not speaking to me yet and my Noro . . . well, I think it will require a US 0 and that scares me.

The curve ball is cool! You are rockin' on those socks. And can't wait for Smooshy green to become sock fodder.
You certainly are cool. And amazingly fast with your socks! Love the green.
Do you have room for me in your luggage?

Pretty Smooshy! Spring green! Oh, spring, wherefor art thou, spring?
What you don't want to vacation at a ski resort? I thought you liked snow? White sandy beaches are always nice.
oooh awe, love that Smooshy. I am knitting (still) some handwarmers in dark blues but your green is so spring-like. Now I'm jealous!
Green again...oh wow...

About Sockmadness: not my thing. I'm a member of Pentathlon and there was someone who knitted one sock in about 4 hours, two in about 9 hours. OMG. In that time I just found my needles.
The teaser is absolutely fabulous!

Why bother about toe ups?

Like the Curve ball sock.
You can do toe up. Try the Judy Magic Cast on if you need a link let me know. I really like that Smooshy. It is so pretty and I am so ready for anything that looks like green grass. What color is it???? I hope you have a great vacation and good luck at the semi-finals.
Gorgeous socks, as usual. Your prodigious output is stunning!

We caught the end of the Edina/BSM game. What a nail biter. Hubby was flipping back and forth between HS and Wild hockey - while giving Hockeyman a software programming lesson. Very distracting.
Oooooo. That sock looks fun, can't wait to see more of it!
That's a beach in Estonia, right? I've heard it's still off season rates there . . .
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