Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, um, I'm Back?

Surprise Yarn Pr0n from the sock yarn club I thought was done!

I guess I'm going to have to count this in my mathematical stash equation - but I'm not sure how. Isn't it pretty though? Now I really am done with my Woolgirl Sock Yarn club. It was worth EVERY penny.

This is my Sockamania February sock which is also going to be my February pair for A Year in Socks! I need to get those buttons on my blog. The yarn is from one of my STR sock of the month kit. The colors also fit the new Project Spectrum theme.

It's been all I could do to keep up with my bloglines the last couple of weeks while I was sick. A few people have nominated me for the "You Make My Day" button/meme/thingy, and I've thanked them in their comments, but I've been an absolute slacker about my list (Knittymama was the most recent.) The feeling is absolutely mutual for every single gal who listed me. (Seriously, do you think my bloglines would be such a problem if I didn't have to read and comment compulsively?) I will continue to bring you the socky goodness, yarn diet or no!

In the meantime.

What the heck?

How soon can I download this pattern because I HAVE this yarn and I REALLY need to make these socks. Cookie? Loopy? MUST HAVE!

Okay, now let's see if Blogger hates me or not.

Ah...I spotted that new Cookie pattern today too, and tried to add it to my queue, but it's not in Ravelry yet. (Or wasn't about 3:00 this afternoon) I must knit it too.
Ok, first of all, love the yarn and the sock :D


Oooh, that is a gorgeous sock! It says 6 weeks for availability...???

I hope you're fully recovered from the sick! Are you going to see the Yarn Harlot in April? I am so excited for this, not sure if it's the prospect of a night out or what, but yay!
oh wow this is one beautiful sock... want to knit it too (hope it is no toe up)

hope you are better now....
Oh, that is a gorgeous new sock pattern!! Love the new club yarn you got, too.

I hope you're feeling much, much better now...
Dude. I gotta see more of the new Cookie pattern!!! :)

The Firebird colorway is just gorgeous-- one my favorite STRs.
Ack!!!! Just when I told myself I would be finishing up all socks before casting on any more, now you had to show me that wonderful pattern. I really do need to knit that.
I saw Cookie's pattern yesterday and just about died. It's so cool! I really like that it looks so wonderful with plain yarn - no stripey yarn just a beautiful, well designed sock.
Can't wait for it to be available!
Nothing like surprise yarn! : ) I like Cookie's new patterns too, can't wait!
Love the new sock pattern. Thanks for posting it, I will keep an eye out for it.
GAH! Ulp fpzz . . . Um, speechless here. That is one purty sock pattern.

So smart to multi-task your sock into several KAL's! Must remember that one.
Glad you're feeling better. I must have that sock pattern too! Pretty. Love the pink yarn.
I think many people had though that the Woolgirl club had ended. The colors of the new yarn are lovely. It is a gift yarn so it doesn't count.

And it is nice to hear that you are finally getting back to normal
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