Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweet Georgia!

How I miss her!

But she'll be back soon, right? First Saturday sock done - this pattern just flies once you get going.

Sorry the photo's a little blurry - this is my Curveball Socks in the Lavendar Sheep - this knit up last night during Survivor & Celebrity Apprentice. Puck was loitering wanting to wind some yarn and stuck around to watch Survivor - he thought this was knitting up "cool". He's into pink right now.

This Araucania Ranco changed it's mind, it wants to be Meida's Socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks book.

Well, the Teen survived his day back at school after the lockdown. Word in the hallways is that someone found a "hit list" in one of the bathrooms. Evidently, they have cameras monitoring the kids going in and out of the restrooms, so were questioning the kids seen going in and out of that particular bathroom. This is all hearsay from the Teen, so take it with a grain of salt. Education goes on.

Playoffs start tomorrow at 4:00. Puck's team finished in 11th place so they're playing for a spot in the pool against the Tonka White team - gotta go get the skates sharpened now.

What, no Noro socks?

What's the pattern on the green socks, or is it a simple rib?
Weird that they haven't provided more information...

Cheery spring green sock! Hmm, that Ranco sounds like it might be a bit tempermental...
Your socks look great. I love the pink ones too. Puck has great taste. The green ones are great too. The first pair that I made that turned out really well were out of Sweet Georgia. I miss her yarns too. Hopefully soon though.
I love the Saturday Socks... I think you could have guessed... Pink ones are nice too, but not green. And weird story about the school.
I heard about the lockdown, but hadn't connected it with Puck. Scary and strange.
I heard some stories about the lockdown. A friend is a teacher over there. Sounds like a nerve wracking few days.

How'd play-offs go?
I'm just so glad that everyone is safe! How frightening.


ps. have you tried the 'gentle leader' for the pups. Leo is stronger than I am !!! He's kicking my butt.
Ah Sweet Georgia!!!!

And the number of cameras in schools now is ridiculous and there are still problems.
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