Thursday, February 14, 2008

Save me from the Creepin' Crud.

I don't know where it came from, but just as I'm swinging back from the lower back pain, I was laid low by a creepy virus. It may actually be the Influenza. I had a rattle in my chest and a raspy painful cough; my bones and my head ached and I was rattled with chills. I haven't left the couch all day.

Luckily, I finished these earlier this week.

These are my Terradance socks:

I mistakenly called these my Saturday socks the other day. Same pattern author, different appearance altogether.
These are my husband's new "Packer" socks. The yarn is Over the Rainbow Twinkletoes sock yarn (off of ebay), in the Mallard colorway.

Until this virus is on the road, knitting is definitely on the back burner.

OH, and Happy Valentine's Day. Sheesh.

I'm sorry you're sick. Hope you're feeling better soon!

And if you want sock yarn (or other weights) in Packers colors, Northwoods Dyeworks does a good one, and she's a great person to work with!
You must be pretty sick to not be able to knit. Get well soon!

p.s. the socks look great, as usual. You do nice work.
Dang, this is NOT your winter! Sending healthy thoughts your way. (Great socks, too.)
What kind of virus is this that you can't knit? Well, hope you feel better soon! Nice socks and so colourful. My husband would only love grey, brown and black. Yeah. Black.
I agree the socks are Packers, and look great.

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.
Cute socks! Feel better soon and stay warm!
Sending goodness and warmth and love!
I have heard the creeping crud is going around. And the CDC is saying that this year's strain of the flu vaccine didn't cover the version going around. But knitting always makes you feel better.
Lovely socks as always. Feel better soon.
Feeling better yet?
OH YOU POOR THING! Drink lots of hot fluids and plenty of rest (thanks, mom)

Hope you're feeling well soon.

LOVE THE SOCKS! We are a Vikings family with one son who defies us and cheers on his Packers. Gotta love em.
I'm so sorry you're feeling poorly! Hopefully your back on your feet and racing around again this weekend. Put on those orange socks - how can you not feel great with those on?
Sorry you are not feeling great. Hope you feel better soon! Packers, nay...the green socks, yay! Have some chicken soup and rest.
What you described is exactly what started for me about 10 days ago. That rattle feeling is awful,isn't it? It's taken me a Z-pac of antibiotics and some cough syrup with codeine to finally, after a week, feel normal again. I no longer have a temp, the rattle is down to an itty bitty purr (actually almost gone) and I have energy again. So if it continues - please head to dr. Worth it, trust me. I had to wait an hour and a half but I'm glad I did.

Hang in there.
Sure hope you feel better by now.

Packer socks! Makes a very pretty yarn color.
I've heard of at least 2 true influenza cases this past week, so could be! Take good care of yourself.

Oh, and we have one more weekend of Beauty & the Beast, so if you're feeling better soon . . . (wink)
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