Saturday, February 09, 2008

Reporting for Duty!

Boy, between the Puppy Duty (or is that doody?), and the back issues, I have had very little luck getting to my computer in the last couple of weeks. Being banished makes for a backload of pictures to show you, so here we go.

One Saturday Sock is finished.

Yvonne wanted to know what was special about this sock. Nothing at all. In fact it is mostly plain stockinette with a basket weave heel. When I finish the partner, I'll try to get a better picture. However, it is HUGE. This pair is for my lovely DH who really likes his warm hand-knit socks.

Then, I should show you the yarn I bought with my January allowance (and I still have 626 yards left to use up!)
Some Dream in Color Smooshy in Vino Veritas.

Araucania Ranco Multy in colorway 308. I really liked how this yarn knitted up for my Apres Sock Swap, so I thought a pair for my house was in order.

And my tangerine Thuja's are nearing completion. I know, I know, they really are that bright. I'm thinking they'll be welcome for the cold wooden floors of my SIL's house.

I am a sleeve and a half away from finishing my Cozy V-Neck sweater, and I ripped out my so-called scarf because I wasn't happy with the width. I picked out a different pattern off of Ravelry and that is now my hockey knitting. I hope to have some FO pictures for you in the upcoming week!

We have a hockey tournament in Bloomington this weekend, it's a round robin so it's kind of odd. Wish Puck luck!

So, is your back doing better?! Pretty yarn you picked up. Good luck to Puck!
Good luck Puck!!!

Hopefully they'll be in the tourney for a long long time so you can get some more knitting done.

Love all the yummy pictures!
Hope your back is better now... And I'm very curious about the knitting results of in vino veritas. So I hope you start to knit soon with it. bye bye
Glad to see you back in action. Your presence was missed.
Good choice to rip the So-called scarf. I have knit two and while the stitch is beautiful it makes a very unstable scarf. It grows in length, shrinks in width and rolls.
Enjoy your weekend.
I have some of that Dream in Color. I like the plan that you came up with for your stash. I will have to use that when I can justify buying some more yarn. I just bought a wheel so my diet has been prolonged.
I love that Smooshy! Very pretty.
I am happy to hear that your back is doing better. And dealing with the puppy must be a chore when your back hurts. I will curious as to your final opinion of the Saturday sock. I have that one in the queue.
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