Friday, February 01, 2008

A Plan!

All right, I have finally reached a "Stash Management Plan"! I have been wringing my hands over this for a month, and I decided I was really overthinking things. Since I know I will feel too deprived if I don't get to buy the occasional skein, there had to be some allowance for new stash.

The plan? The yardage coming in can only equal 1/4 of the yardage going out (I started out at 1/2, but decided that was too much!).

So, going out in January? I finished two pair of socks, the Araucania Hourglass sweater and ten Preemie hats. There is 3,070 yards used. I have quietly been using the Ravely toss/sale option and I have destashed 3,105 yards (I actually sold them! Yay, Paypal balance!) So, I have a total of 6,175 total yardage used/destashed; 1/4 of that total is 1,544 yards for January!!! Confession time. I went to Coldwater last week and brought home two skeins of sock yarn. Some Smooshy and some more Araucania Ranco, so that's +826. This way I have 717 in the bank! So, I'll tally up at the end of each month, but it's a way of holding me accountable for what is coming in the door. So, I owe you yarny goodness photos!

On the Needles:

This is my first Thuja sock that I finished last night (not included in the January total!) This is some Yarntini sportweight. Talk about a fast pattern. I watched the Minnetonka/Edina HS hockey game last night (yes, I cheered for Edina - my buddy's hubby is Assistant Coach, I would've been traitor if I hadn't rooted for the Hornets.) Besides, the Headhunter Kid that hurt Puck was a Tonka Skipper; can I help it if I hold grudges?

This is my hubby's new Malabrigo hat in the EP colors. It will go on the needles next. I'm going to upsize the Teen Dream hat for him.

I've also been knitting away on my Cozy V-neck, another pair of socks in the Terradance pattern (another Ocean Winds pattern), some Saturday socks and the Shawl Collar Sweater are next in the queue. I promise pictures and links in upcoming posts!

Now I have to go out in the cold and throw the Kong frisbee for the puppies.

That plan sounds like math to me!! Who won the game? My girlfriend's daughter's boyfriend is the Mtka head coach.
I've obviously NOT had enough caffeine to follow your plan... :) Pretty sock! Pretty yarn!
Hurray for new math!! (and yes I am referring to Tom Lehrer :-)
Good plan!
Very interesting, the math. I give you an "A" for originality.
That sounds a little complicated, but anything that works is good, right? Love the sock - great color!
Mwhooo ha ha haaaaa. Spoken like a true yarnaholic. Finding ways . . . finding ways . . .

ps. You've been awarded the "You Make My Day" award by moi.
That's an awesome plan, although I admit that as soon as I saw the numbers my "math alert" went up in my brain!
I like your stash management approach! Good luck with it. That malabrigo is gorgeous!
OK I know that is probably not as complicated as it sounds, but my head is spinning! What ever works to tame the demons:)
I love the mathematical rationalization - I may have to use that when I go to Stitches in CA later this month (I'm on a yarn diet - no purchases until May). Yeah, like I could go to Stitches and NOT buy yarn. Puleeese!
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