Friday, February 22, 2008

Does anyone else think it's ironic that Hilary berated Barack about plagiarism and then closed the debate with a direct lift from John Edwards? It's getting very interesting.

Also ironic: the emails that I keep getting from WEBS featuring beautiful, affordably priced yarn, when I am on a DIET! I really would like a skein of the Noro sock yarn now that Deb has started this little KAL. I may even learn to knit a pair of socks from the toe up. Maybe.

Heck, I've even adapted this pattern to be knit from the cuff down. I also monkeyed around with the heart pattern. Now I just have to recreate what I did the first time.

Busy weekend here at Casa Stairs. Puck has a tournament in Winona this weekend. He even has to get out of school early to make his first game (pet youth hockey peeve - school first right? But, we're gonna let the team down? Grrr.) Teen has a packed weekend so mom has to stay home to chauffeur. Tonight Teen gets to play in the Pep Band at the EP Girls' State Tourney hockey game down at the Xcel Arena.

I also have finished all the knitting on my Cozy V-Neck. I'm going to finish seaming the arms tonight and then it's done! Yay! Now, what's next?

Webs has this idea to torture you. They know that you go on a yarn diet at the first of the year so they get in all of these nice yarns when they know you can't buy.
Yarn torture. Hmmmm.

Socks look great. I'm a cuff down/plain sock knitter myself.
Gorgeous sock! Hee hee - and here I convert everything to toe-up. :)
Yes, I thought that was very ironic about Hillary. And the whole plagiarism thing makes me cranky. When the person who originally wrote/spoke the words is working on Obama's campaign, and he tells Obama to use the words, that's not quite plagiarism. I agree Obama should still have attributed the quotes, but it's not quite the earth-shaking deal she's trying to make it out to be.

You should join our KAL! We're not a closed ranks bunch!
Toe-up rocks! I highly recommend Judy's (Betcher) Magic Cast-on. (Instructions at Knitty, her blog, You Tube via Cat Bordhi, or Cat's newest book.) Love it, love it, love it!!! :)
I thought that turn around the chart would be enough... isn't it? That's what I intend to do.
And I am not a toe-up lover either.
I'm doing my first toe up and I hate the heel part. It might be my pattern but so far not loving it. I'm with you, top down all the way!
You must buy Noro. I can't go it alone! (I also urged you off your diet over on Year in Socks).

The colors of the sock are so pretty! You'll have to get that pattern to Ravelry!

GO Go Hockey boy!

(and I'll be bringing Prince-of-Poopness to the races - wish me luck - GAH)
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