Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I love my Chiropractor.....

but I am ready to be better now.

I think I tried to do too much yesterday. The doc told me he wanted me to be able to do everything like normal - so I tried to take a walk on the treadmill yesterday. This morning the back seized up all over again. Thank goodness for my old friend knitting!

Look how gray and white it is outside. Don't these socks just brighten up the whole day?

These are my orange Thuja's - talk about a fast knit!

Pattern: Thuja from Knitty.com. Yarn: Yarntini Sportweight 100% Superwash Merino in the Tangerine colorway (Yarntini Sock Yarn Club). Needles: Knitpick's size 3 dpn's. Completed: February 8, 2008.

In the meantime, my friend Lorraine has sewn almost an entire cast's costume for their production of Beauty and the Beast - see some of her photos here!

Puck's team came in as Consolation Runner-Up this weekend (whew!) We have one more tournament and District playoff's and then hockey is done until next season.

Sunday was my birthday and I received lots of nice cards (Seriously - how did Yvonne manage to get a card to me exactly on time from the Netherlands?) and fun gifts from my family, but no gift certificates to yarn stores this year! No sneaky yarn diet buying for me this time. My second Saturday sock is just past the gusset and I plan on finishing that up today while I watch Rescue Me's third season. The Cozy V-Neck is next and then we'll be casting on again!

Later folks - and remember - bend from the knees!

Oooh, I love that color!
Happy birthday belatedly!!! Sorry to hear your back seized up again. Would a massage maybe help?

I think I can see those socks from here. ;)
And Happy Birthday to you!

Those socks look great. I must try that pattern.
I guess not everyone screams their birthday from the rooftops!! Happy birthday good pal!! Thuja is one of my favorite go-to sock patterns.
Happy Birthday!!!! The socks look great. I hope your back gets better soon and stay warm.
Happy Belated Birthday to you! Sorry you are not a lot better.

I think rather than Puppy Duty it is "Poopy Duty" :)

LOVE your Dream In Color Smooshy. Great color.
Happy Birthday!
I hope your back feels better soon! Chiropractic care is awesome, but some things just need time to heal.

Love the socks, they're so bright!

And last but not least, Happy Birthday! I hope it was fantastic!
Happy Birthday! Hope you start feeling better soon.
Happy belated Birthday! Love the socks - just a great color. Hope you feel better soon!
These socks are orange-rrific! Sorry about the back, feel better! And happy birthday! : )
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (and sorry to hear about the back. crap!)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the socks. They DO brighten up the day! I MUST knit that pattern! I can always count on you to supply me with inspiration!
Happy Birthday! Take it easy on the back, those injuries really hurt. Love the socks, nice for this cold, snowy weather.
Sorry to have missed your birthday. Hopefully you were feeling a little better for it. And back pain is a mystery that takes forever to ehal.
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