Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Welcome to a new day!

First, I should say that Ozzie will more than likely survive his illness. Only the most severe cases end in death and he seems to be recuperating quite nicely right now. The trick is going to be keeping a curious puppy quiet and still so that his legs can recover and he can grow up to be a strong healthy hunter like his buddy Kona.

We go back to the vet this morning to visit the results of his full blood tests and to get some pain medication for the little guy.

In the meantime, WIP's.

Preemie Hats!
This is about ten hats worth of yarn - I am hoping to destash this all into preemie hats for Jeanne's efforts. She's raised the bar this year so if you feel like knitting a couple (they knit up really quickly) check it out.

Now, I love to look at all the photos over on january one. Earlier this Winter she ordered some yarn to knit up the Oblique sweater from Knitty - Beaverslide - I hadn't heard of it before, but there were some very yummy colors on their website. I decided I would like to have a lovely sweater from this yarn, so before Christmas I ordered my own Christmas presents and I got this in the mail:

I got enough to make two snuggly sweaters. Aren't these just yummy colors? So this is 8 in the countdown. I still haven't determined my goals, but I'm knitting like crazy and I'm on day 9 of NOT purchasing yarn! Whatever goal I reach there will be less yarn in the stash than I purchase! I will be hoping to show some FO's very soon!

Oh, I'm glad to hear that Ozzie's outlook is good! Poor little guy.

Wow, you are SET for preemie hats. I'm curious to hear more about the Beaverslide, too.
Glad your little puppy is better.

Brooklyn Tweed just made a handsome cardigan out of Beaverslide yarn (and he really likes it). I haven't ever used it, so will be interested to hear how yours works up.
I don't know how I missed yesterday's news, but I'm glad to hear that things are looking up with Ozzie.

That looks like some good Preemie Hat yarn. Thanks for your help!

At the risk of sounding cruel--and I certainly don't mean to be--maybe laying low on the painkillers would be good for a while? My reasoning: when Gracie was a puppy, she was so excitable she kept spraining her leg, jumping on and off things. We'd give her pain meds, but then she'd feel good and it was impossible to keep her calm. When she felt the pain, she'd curl up in her dog bed, staying off the leg, and resting the way she was supposed to, and she'd heal faster. Again, I'm not advocating leaving a dog in severe pain, but dang, it's really hard to keep a happy puppy quiet and calm!
Glad to hear that Ozzie is one the mend. I have seen a Wallaby done with the Beaverslide that turned out wonderful.
Poor little pupster!
Hugs to Ozzie! My fingers are crossed that he'll have a good recovery.
I keep my fingers crossed too. And give him some kind of hug from me (as a catperson I never know what to do with dogs exactly :-) Bit by bit i'm getting what your stash strategy is. And, nice hat colours.
Happy to hear that he will be okay. Maybe Kona can teach him a trick or two about being quiet and not moving.
Thank God about Ozzie! I just read the last three blogs. Love the doggy and the hockey pics!

Poor boy! I hope everything turns out fine. He is such a handsome fella!

We'll have to get together with the pups in a pen and I'll take some notes on sweater knitting. Gonna start one for my girl.
Glad to know Ozzie's prognosis is good.

Pretty yarns, mmm!
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