Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Totally Random Post.

Let's see - new yarn #7 - lots more shinyness. Yarn Love's Scarlett O'Hara in the Friendship colorway. DH will have a pair of socks from this skein.

In the meantime there are WIP's. This is the Hourglass sweater which I can hardly wait to wear. I'm using the Araucania Wool.

Preemie hat #1. This one is finished already, I started #2 last night at Puck's hockey game. I have to tell you this hockey checking is going to be the death of me.
Puck had a game last night against Minnetonka that was just awesome! Those boys kicked some serious butt! They won the game with 18 seconds left to play with a shot from the blue line - awesome! That team had a kid who was a headhunter though and he had Puck in his sights. First period the headhunter skated at Puck and took him out with an elbow to the chin - you could hear the contact of pads with helmet, and then ice with helmet - not good - but no penalty. Our Puck only missed one shift though. Then, in the second period the same kid took six good strides and cross checked Puck into the boards - right next to the ref. Puck lay crumpled at his feet until the puck changed possession and the ref finally blew a whistle. Every father in the joint was yelling at him, "CALL IT! CALL IT! CALL IT!" until the ref FINALLY blew his whistle and dragged the kid off the bench and into the penalty box for Boarding. Still - Puck didn't miss a shift - my kiddo is tough as nails, I have to say. The team they beat won second place in last weekend's tournament, so the kids were absolutely pumped last night.

Ozzie had to go back to the vet last night, the pain got too bad again and he wouldn't eat or drink, so he went back for fluids and observation. He was like a floppy little ragdoll this morning. Hopefully this time they will send him home with pain meds so we can manage his pain here at home.

Wow, you are really making progress on your sweater. My own knitting mojo seems to be on a vacation somewhere. Hope it comes back soon.

I've been meaning to tell you how much I LOVE the blueish yarn from Socks In The City you posted back on 1/7. Can't wait to see that in use.
PS - saying my prayers for Ozzie
We're keeping good wishes going for Ozzie.
Wow - I thought for sure you'd say that Puck would come home with pain meds! We grow them mean over here in Mtka!!
Oh, poor Ozzie. :(

Yikes, Puck must have some serious bruises!
Oooh, I like the hourglass sweater. Looks like comfortable and cozy!
Poor Ozzie! I hope he starts to feel better.

Araucania NW is the best, isn't it? It's such a great product-- and keeps popping up on sales @ Webs. :)
Thank heavens for protective gear! Those hits can be bone jarring. Glad Puck popped back up and into it all.

Ugggh! We tied last night in a pathetic game against the last team in the district. We were down a key defensive player (PE dodgeball injury - can you believe it?) and it really hurt the team.

Still praying for Ozzie. I'm with you on the trying to keep a young pet down. Harley won't stop jumping up and down on the furniture. I found the pain meds made him hyper, too. Weird!
What gorgeous sock yarn!
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