Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad, No Good, Day.

This little boy got sick yesterday. Really sick. Have you ever heard of Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy? Seriously.

What are the symptoms of Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy?

Dogs that are stricken with HOD often show symptoms of mild to moderate painful swelling of the growth plates in the leg bones. It most commonly affects the ends of the radius, ulna, (long bones from the elbow to the wrist) and tibia (long bone from the knee to the hock). The dogs may show lameness and a reluctance to move. They may be lethargic and refuse to eat. A fever may come and go rising as high as 106 degrees. The disease usually affects both legs at the same time. The symptoms may wax and wane and resolve on their own or if the fever is very high for long periods and the bony involvement severe, the dogs may suffer permanent structural damage or even die.

A REALLY no good day.

Oh no!!! Is he going to be OK?
Oh, I'm sorry! I hope he's going to be okay!!
Yikes! Is he going to be ok? What can you do for him?
Ohmygosh!! That's horrible! I'm so sorry. I'll be sending healing thoughts your way. I hope he comes through it ok.
Oh, how upsetting for you and beloved dog. Our family will pray for all of you.

Your Apres Sock Swap package is on it's way and perhaps it will cheer you a bit. I did forget to tuck in the card, but you will know who I am when you see the socks:D
Uh oh : ( I hope he'll be okay soon!
Oh no, poor little guy! I hope he'll be okay. (((Big hugs)))
So sorry, hope he gets better.
Poor Ozzie and Ozzie's family. Sometimes HOD can last as little as a week and go away. I hope that will be the case for Ozzie. I hope for the very best outcome for him.

In Pembrokes I worry about Premature Closure of the Distal Ulna. I worry until their growth plates close. Fame is at the prime age now for premature closure so no agility or hard playing or jumping for her for the next few months. No sense asking for trouble I figure. And I take my puppies off of puppy food at a very young age, between 12-16 weeks, always by 16 weeks. Way too much protien in the puppy foods, though I hear the newer large breed puppy foods are excellent.

Sending all good thoughts and healing prayers to Ozzie and his family. Keep us updated.
I'm so sorry. Your poor little boy. Chief and Bert send best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.
Sending healing prayers - poor puppy! Keep us posted.
oh, no, this is serious trouble. i keep my fingers crossed. yes, poor puppy. it's so small...
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