Thursday, January 03, 2008

Stash Management Plan 2008

All right, I admit it. I haven't actually started my new yarn diet yet. Now, it's true, I haven't purchased any new yarn since 1/1/08. However, I have been noodling this whole idea that this year I need to make my plan a little more pro-active and comprehensive (ooo - big words I haven't used together in a looooong time!)

It needs to be a plan that incorporates the usage of stash while resisting the addition of new yarn, at the same time providing me with timely incentives to remain on the plan...

So, we'll start a countdown with me showing you the last yarn added to the stash over the next 9 days, and then on the last day I will list out my rules. Then, that will be the last new stash you will see until I have reached a goal - of some sort. So you will be seeing lots of WIP's - like this little beauty:
I cast on the Irish Dream sock pattern that came with this Spunky Eclectic Super Nova Sock yarn - but when those buggery little p3 together through the back without taking stitches off the needles, turned into and then...k3 together through the front, etc.* and then snapped my Sox Stix I said screw it and pulled up a different pattern. This is the Thermal Socks pattern by Audrey Paquin. I like it quite a bit and I think it suits the yarn quite well. Really, it's kind of idiot-proof. There have also been NO snapping needles.

*Seriously, the pattern called for you to purl 3 stitches together, keep the stitches on the left-hand needle and then knit those 3 stitches STILL keep the stitches on the needle, and then purl the 3 stitches together again, then you k2 and repeat that buggery little stitch. Not me. Not today.

Also, my affections are seriously resisting that new puppy. Could it be that I was NOT READY to potty train and follow a small creature around the house for three months? Wiping up pee and poo and making sure he didn't eat everything within his reach? Dear heavens, I was not ready for this.

I don't understand one little bit of your stash plan but it doesn't mind. As long as you are happily knitting it's allright with me :-) Secondly: yes Audrey P's patterns are great. She is also the designer of the Fruitbasket.
Thirdly, I admire you for your courage with the little puppy. Deep, honest admiration. I decided not to do pets anymore two years ago with the dead of my beloved Freddie cat.
Again - happy to send a little black kitty who keeps stealing my kitchen sponge!!
I love the Dilbert-ish mumbo-jumbo big words. However you manage your stash, you have my admiration as well.
Dang, the thought of all that stitch manipulation... *shudder*

I have to say, I like that kitties are pretty much preprogrammed for the pee/poop thing.
I'm going to have to try that stitch mess just to see what it ends up like.

I agree with Chris, kitty moms do a great job preparing their wee ones for the world. Good luck with the potty trauma!
There should be warning at the top of the Irish Dream pattern to only use metal needles. I don't know how you could do what they are asking without breaking something.

You've hit exactly on the reason why I have cats, rather than dogs. That being said, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. It just sucks that most of it is falling on you.
A friend is also in the Wool Girl sock club and she sent me the yarn and the pattern. Thank you for the warning. My size 0s are already bent and I do not need to break them. I like the yarn colors though.

And yet another reason to love kitties is that they are pre-trained. Wonder if you could just put a diaper on him? Nope it won't work.
What you described was exactly why we went for a little older rescue dog. Though she did come with her own odd set of problems (though pee and poop patrol were not required).

Love the colors of the SIP - perfect for January!
I tuned in hoping to see a picture of the new pup. Mr. Ozzie is very cute. Poor Kona though. Puppies can be tough on the refined, well behaved guys.

Sorry about all the mess you are stuck with. Do you have a crate for Ozzie? I'd be lost if Fame didn't have her crate. I toss her outside to play with a few of the big dogs (who really don't like her, she's still has those little shark teeth and being a singleton, her dog manners are not the best yet) and when she's nice and tired I put her in her kennel for an hour, or two if I get lucky.
That sock pattern sounds like a nightmare! Puppies are really a pain - but hopefully he'll be trained soon and a bit more fun.
That yarn is very colorful, very pretty! : )
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