Wednesday, January 02, 2008

May I Introduce:

Ozzie! (AKC name Captain's King C. Chaos - yes he is named after this handsome fellow. My kids loved the name and it is very appropriate.) Don't let him fool you, he is the new arch-nemesis of poor Kona:

Here he is stalking the poor sweet guy.

Posts may be few and far between with this guy in the house. I am working on a couple pairs of socks and my Hourglass sweater - there will also be preemie hats - what I manage to post will probably be picture-heavy. I hope to get a post up with 07 FO's and a list of upcoming projects...I liked everyone else's soooo much.

Congrats! He's gorgeous! Poor Kona - he'll get used to it. . . I hope.
He really is cute. I'm sure they will eventually like each other, or at least come to a truce.
He's adorable! Hee hee - do I tell Chaos there's a puppy named after him or not?! Hmm. ;)
Welcome Doggie Chaos! And licks from Holli!
OMG! So CUTE! But he does look like he's asking for trouble in that second photo.
Cute puppy!! And poor Kona. He just is used to the younger set anymore.
So darling! Hmmm...I foresee, in hour future, knitting at the dog park with Gracie and the two Hollis...
He's very cute.
So I was looking at the post with all the socks that you knit, 36, 37with this newest pair. That is really impressive! How many pairs did you knit in just this past year?
Cute. That's the only word - was trying to find another, always want to be original...So cute...
What a lovely lovely pup!
adorable! : )
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